The Museum offers an array of programs and opportunities for K-12 curriculum. Because we are a university museum, our exhibitions are usually closely related to academic disciplines. This creates a perfect opportunity for schools to connect to their own curriculum.

Our docents prepare specialized connections in their tours that are guided by the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), and match your curriculum. Under your guidance, we strive to meet the needs of your classroom by modifying our tours to support your classroom teaching. Specialized tours are available for different age groups as well as outreach opportunities, where docents come to your classroom.

For K-12 teachers we offer additional specialized tours that complement our current exhibitions and connect with National and Virginia Standards of Learning and classroom curriculum.


The Line, Shape, and Color program assists younger students in their discovery of art by teaching these principles and how they appear in works on display. Docents lead the exploration of art by identifying the use of these principles and then guide students to create their own works of art, using lines, shapes and colors.

For more information on tours, or to schedule a tour, please contact or 757.221.2703.