Laboratory for Learning

The Museum endeavors to be an integrated part of studies across all disciplines on campus as well as serving our community. The Museum offers first-hand research with the authentic object, as well collections research and opportunities to study world-renowned objects through traveling exhibitions. Our interns and volunteers research our collections first-hand, and receive unique opportunities to curate thought-provoking exhibitions with the guidance of our professional staff. Productive encounters result from the marriage of perception and leadership, creativity and imagination in a setting very different from the traditional classroom.


Student Internships

The Museum offers opportunities for internships that provide real-world experience and insight into the museum profession. Successful candidates will be supported, informed, and encouraged by Museum staff over the course of their journey from student to professional.

Our interns will work directly with Museum staff and be embedded in a department at the Museum. The Museum staff is a small cohesive unit, so there will be opportunities for work across departments, making valuable connections in the operations of an art museum and non-profit organization. The Museum experience is not limited to people interested in museums or art. The Museum is a highly complex non-profit business with divisions in administration, art, education, marketing, public relations, and more.

Internships are offered during the summer, spring, and fall semesters. Please see our openings for specific information about our available internships.

For further information, please contact Lauren Greene (757.221.2717)



Adult volunteers also find that giving time at the Museum is an enriching part of integrating the arts into their own lives and community through being a Docent or a Friend of the Museum. This concept of the Museum as a “laboratory for learning” allows for a rich and dynamic environment for exploring art at all levels of experience and interest.

For further information, please contact or 757.221.2703.

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