Curators at Work III: New Acquisitions, on view April 26 to May 26, 2013, will display a number of masterpieces that have been newly acquired for the permanent collection. The show will span seven consecutive centuries of art and a variety of media. These works are not featured merely for their significance to the art community at-large, rather these works were carefully selected to highlight the most significant philosophy underlying the operation and acquisitions of the Museum — the Museum’s role as a learning laboratory for the entire College of William & Mary. The director and chief curator target works for acquisition that will invigorate intellectual life at the College.  The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue of 43 memoranda written by students in Dr. Spike’s class Curating, Collecting and Connoisseurship. These memoranda demonstrate the Museum’s integral role in the intellectual life of the College by demonstrating the student’s academic and personal growth through working with these works of art first-hand.