Selected Topics in Architecture Lecture Series

May 8, 2018
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May 8 | Edwin Pease | Broadacre City and Frank Lloyd Wright’s American Utopia | 6 PM


One of the fundamental questions considered by many of the greatest twentieth-century architects was how a modern, technology-infused society should arrange itself for living.  As part of our Selected Topics in Architecture series, Edwin Pease will discuss how many architects developed their own ideas for urbanism; with some even defining their own brand of utopia.  Wright had a deep disdain for cities, and a very strong belief in the rural fabric of America, not unlike that of Thomas Jefferson.  He longed for American democracy to play itself out on our country’s vast landscape, seeking a way for life and land to be intertwined.  Wright’s utopia was described physically in his Broadacre City project, which included a model of a four square mile section of America.  He spoke extensively on his project, which incorporated many of his most important architectural paradigms and legacies that became the cornerstones of American residential development.

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