Welcome to our new Director of Engagement and Distinguished Artist in Residence, Steve A. Prince

October 12, 2018
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The Director of Engagement is responsible for the development, planning, managing and representation of the outreach and educational programs of the Museum working collaboratively with various departments of the College, students and greater community. In his role as Distinguished Artist in Residence he will facilitate the creation and formation of a publishing atelier studio to produce limited editions of fine art prints by visiting artists.


Prince is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his BFA from Xavier University of Louisiana and his MFA in Printmaking and Sculpture from Michigan State University and has shown his art internationally in various solo, group, and juried exhibitions. Prince received several honors for his art and scholarship including the 2010 Teacher of the Year for the City of Hampton and has participated in several residencies including the 2007 Partners of the Americas Artist in Residence in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Prince has lectured and conducted workshops in both secular and sacred settings internationally in a variety of media. Many of his hands-on workshops and community-based projects have culminated in the creation of permanent communal based artworks. Among his public works is an 8′ x 8′ mixed media work entitled Lemonade: A Picture of America created in 2017 to commemorate the first three African American students in residence at William & Mary. He spreads a message of hope and renewal to the global community through the cathartic funerary tradition from New Orleans called the Dirge and Second Line operating under the credo, “your imagination is your only limitation.”


 Prince with his work, In the Line of Fire: Norfolk 17, 2004, which appeared during our 2017-2018 exhibition, Building on the Legacy: African American Art from the Permanent Collection.
Photo by Andrew Uhrig, W&M ’20

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