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This spring, William & Mary students are curating an exhibition as part of a required practicum course for Art History majors called The Curatorial Project (ARTH 331) under the direction of Dr. Xin Conan-Wu. The exhibition will be developed in coordination with the new William & Mary curriculum COLL 300 theme for spring 2020. This semester, the theme is that the notion of scale is intrinsic to how we understand the works and our place in it. The scale of interactions between people varies across space, evolves over time, and profoundly influences how we relate to each other, to cultures, and to our environment. How do changes in the breadth and speed of global communication influence languages and cultures? How do scientists use small-scale laboratory experiments to solve large-scale global problems? How do small grassroots movements evolve into major forces for cultural change around the world? From the local to the global, the microscopic to the macroscopic, and the personal to the collective, scale informs our experience and our efforts to effect change. Drawing upon collections at the Muscarelle, Swem Library, and elsewhere around William & Mary, this exhibition will allow the student curators to experience the Museum as a laboratory for learning.