The Museum is temporarily closed for renovation.


Current Admission is FREE


Muscarelle Museum of Art
William & Mary
603 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185


Parking at the Muscarelle Museum of Art

Park in one of the paid Visitor spaces managed by the Passport Parking

Please note that the minimum session is 2 hours and the rate is $2.50/hr. The Boswell lot Visitor spaces are located on the perimeter of the lot facing campus. There are two sections, one near the Muscarelle Museum of Art and the other by the Mason School of Business.

Anyone parked in a Visitor space without an active session in PASSPORT PARKING will be subject to a citation.

Using the Passport Parking mobile app.

  1. In the app store for your phone, search for and download the Passport Parking app.
  2. Once open, enter your phone number, then select “Verify.”
  3. A six-digit code will be sent to the phone number entered. Enter the code, then select “Next.”
  4. Enter a four-digit PIN that is easy to remember to protect your information and account, then select “Create.”
  5. Enter the PIN again for confirmation, then select “Confirm.”
  6. Select “Accept” for the Terms & Conditions to continue.
  7. Enter the Zone Number for the associated parking lot, then select “New Session.” The Boswell lot number is 14840.
  8. Choose “Select Zone” at the bottom of the screen to confirm the correct Zone Number.
  9. Select “New +” at the bottom left-hand corner.
  10. Enter in your license plate information, assign a nickname (such as type of car), then select “Save Vehicle.”
  11. Select the “Vehicle” in the lower left-hand corner.
  12. Select the time you want, then select “Continue.”
  13. Make sure the vehicle information is correct, then select “Setup Payment.”
  14. Enter in credit card information, then select “Save Card.”



August 21, 2023 - November 1, 2023

Stryker Center, 412 N. Boundary Street

Visitors to our 2017-2018 exhibition "Building on the Legacy." Photo by Andrew Uhrig W&M '20.