The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to support the mission of the Muscarelle Museum of Art. The Board shall provide guidance, advice, assistance, and aid to the Museum, enabling it to carry out its institutional mission. It shall actively seek gifts, endowments, and ongoing financial support required for the Museum to maintain professional standards and in order for it to continue to develop as a significant cultural resource. The Board shall also serve as an important advocate for the Museum by communicating to William & Mary the ideas and opinions of friends, alumni, and others interested in the welfare of the Museum.


Thomas Gillman M.B.A. ’93 – Chair
Judith Forehand Starkey – Vice Chair
TJ Cardwell – Secretary
Grant Hagen M.B.A. ’00 – Treasurer

Betsy C. Anderson ’70
Mari Ann Banks HON ’17
P. Gray Bowditch J.D. ’09
Susan S. Carron
David Crank ’82
Ann J. Critchfield ’66
Elizabeth W. Delk ’71, M.Ed. ’85, Ed.S. ’88
Carrie O. Garland ’90
Jane Kaplan ’56
Leanne Kurland ’75
Elaine S. McBeth
Ann B. Milliman
Joe Muscarelle HON ’16
Tina Novogratz ’98
Patrisia B. Owens ’62
Pamela G. Palmore ’68, M.A.Ed. ’74
Helen B. Reveley HON ’18
Kathleen M. Ring HON ’15
Christine C. Rowland ’67
Jane Y. Spurling ’69
Stephanie Tuttle ’92
Britt H. Van Deusen ’95

The most current Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation Form 990 is available upon request via