Visitors to our 2018 exhibition "In the Light of Caravaggio: Dutch and Flemish Paintings from Southeastern Museums." Photo by Andrew Uhrig W&M '20.
Visitors to our 2017-2018 exhibition "Building on the Legacy." Photo by Andrew Uhrig W&M '20.
On Saturday, September 2, 2017 the Leah Glenn Dance Theatre performed at the Muscarelle Museum of Art as part of the 50th Anniversary of African Americans in Residence at the College of William & Mary. The performance incorporated dance, music, art, and poetry readings by Dr. Hermine Pinson. (Skip Rowland '83)
Visitor to our 2017 exhibition "Botticelli and the Search for the Divine: Florentine Painting between the Medici and the Bonfires of the Vanities."

Monetary Gifts

To make a monetary gift to the Muscarelle Museum of Art:

Donations of Art

The Muscarelle is a collecting institution with a diverse collection to meet the needs of William & Mary and our community. You can learn more about works in the permanent collection here.  Proposed donations of art will be reviewed by the Museum’s Collections Committee to determine if the work of art is consistent with the institution’s mission and strategic goals.  Should you wish to donate a work of art, the first step is to write a letter of inquiry to the Director.  In your correspondence, please include as much factual information about the work including artist or cultural origin and any history you know about the work including how it was acquired.  Donation proposals should also include an image of the work, approximate dimensions, and any known history of ownership.

For further information about donations of art or acquisitions please contact our Director, David Brashear, at or 757.221.2701.

Please note that, while we do love to look at art, we do not offer any appraisal services. If you are looking for a professional appraisal, please refer to any of the reputable appraisal organizations. The Museum does not endorse any appraiser but the following organizations will lead you in the right direction to find an appraiser to meet your needs.

American Society of Appraisers | P: 1.800.272.8258 |

International Society of Appraisers | P: 1.312.981.6778 |

Appraisers Association of America | P: 1.212.889.5404 |


Friends of the Muscarelle Museum of Art often seek ways to perpetuate their support for our mission. A bequest is a simple and effective way to continue your contribution beyond your lifetime. A bequest can:

  • endow your annual gift in perpetuity.
  • create an unrestricted endowment, providing flexibility to the Director to meet the most pressing needs of the Museum.
  • provide for the particular needs of the Museum that you specify; your gift can, for example, endow a collection or a curatorial position.

A bequest is an easy gift to make with an attorney’s help. Bequest provisions can be written to suit your exact inclination.

Unrestricted Bequests

  • Bequest of Cash
    • I give, devise, and bequeath _____% of the remaining assets of my estate to The Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation, a charitable corporation, for the general support of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.
    • I give, devise, and bequeath the sum of $ _____ to The Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation, a charitable corporation, for the general support of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.
  • Bequest of Fine Art
    • Please contact the Museum staff for more information on how to bequeath art work to the Museum.

Residuary Bequest

  • I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to The Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation, a charitable corporation, for the general support of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.

Restricted Bequests

If you wish to designate your bequest for a specific purpose, we would be pleased to provide appropriate language for you to share with your attorney. Alternatively, you may specify the purpose of your bequest in a separate Testamentary Gift Agreement to remain on file with the Foundation and the Muscarelle Museum of Art. We can prepare this agreement for your review based on our discussions. You are encouraged to consult with us to ensure that your bequest can be used effectively in the way you intend.

Retirement Plans

The beneficiary form can be obtained from the administrator/custodian of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan and should specify “The Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation.” Our federal tax identification number is 46-1110899.

Charitable Trusts

You can establish a trust in your will or revocable living trust to provide lifetime income to your surviving spouse or other heirs, with the assets eventually passing to The Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation for the general support of the Muscarelle Museum of Art. Such trusts can also be established during your lifetime to provide a current income to you and other heirs.

The Honorable Robert Boyle Legacy Society

The Boyle Legacy Society was established in 1992 to recognize those alumni and friends who have made future provisions for William & Mary in their estate plans, in any form or amount. Such provisions may be in the form of bequests, trusts, retirement plan assets, or other means. The Boyle Legacy Society honors Hon. Robert Boyle, the noted seventeenth-century physicist whose bequest provided important support during William & Mary’s founding years. Benefits of Boyle Legacy Society membership include an annual gathering with a special program and an engraved commemorative lapel pin. For further details, please contact Kirsten A. Kellogg at or 757.221.1019.

For further assistance, knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to assist you and your professional advisors in accomplishing your charitable, financial, and estate planning objectives.

For further information, please contact:

David Brashear, W&M HON ’07
P: 757.221.2701

Julia Blair Hunter
Director of Development

Or, feel free to contact the Gift Planning Office through William & Mary’s Office of University Advancement directly.

Kirsten A. Kellogg, W&M ’91 PhD 
Executive Director of Gift Planning

Rachel Drazdowski, JD 
Director of Gift Planning Administration

Office of University Advancement
William & Mary
PO Box 1693
Williamsburg, VA 23187-1693
P: 757.221.1019 | F:757.221.1508

Corporate partners

As a corporate partner, you join other business leaders who share in the Muscarelle Museum of Art’s commitment to collect and conserve art as well as offer educational and enriching programs to the Williamsburg community. We rely on support from the business community to help maintain the Muscarelle Museum of Art’s reputation as one of the leading art museums in the region. When new businesses consider moving into our area, they want to know what the community has to offer. The Museum is proud to be a leader in Virginia’s art community, providing social, cultural, and creative opportunities to corporate neighbors.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for exhibitions, programming, and events. For more information, contact our Director, David Brashear, at or Director of Development, Julia Blair Hunter, at or 757.221.1016.


Non-profit organizations, like the the Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation, are largely financially based on endowments from generous donors. These endowments are monetary donations that can fund specific interests or the general goals of the institution. The Museum is constantly seeking private individuals and groups to provide endowments to aid in the pursuit of bettering our collection, exhibitions, and educational programming. Philanthropic giving to the Museum is an inspired way to spread the joy and experience of art to the community. With these funds, the Museum is allowed a greater ability to provide quality exhibitions to its members and visitors, fund research regarding the permanent collection, and further educational outreach to the public.

Endowments help sustain the Museum, and ensure that funds will be available in the future, to maintain and expand the quality of exhibitions, programming and the visitor experience.

There are several endowments to contribute to, including the Exhibitions Endowment, a fund set up to help bring high quality exhibitions to the Williamsburg community and William & Mary.

Currently we have exciting opportunities to create a named endowment to support select Museum spaces, programming, and professional staff positions.

For more information on endowment opportunities, please contact our Director, David Brashear, at or Director of Development, Julia Blair Hunter, at or 757.221.1016.

This summary of giving is designed to provide general information about various ways of donating to the Museum.  It is not intended to provide specifc tax or legal information regarding charitable giving.  As the Museum and its employees cannot offer legal or tax advice, please consult a third party professional for any questions you may have regarding legal and/or tax implications.